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Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Kit Featured


*let me know if you want to make these at my house.

Ok, so when most people see this paper kit, they are going to see BOY all the way!
Boys in Superhero costumes or Superhero themed birthday parties. 
I can DEFINATELY see that too!

But I am a mom of ALL GIRLS! Does that mean that I can't use this paper? Of course NOT!
What do I see when I look at this paper? 
Well, my 2 younger daughters are in Campfire USA and the main colors of Campfire are Blue and Red. So instantly, I KNEW EXACTLY what photos I would put on these pages! I was REALLY SUPER EXCITED to use these papers! 
The first layout are the pictures I took of my girls earning TOP SALES and TOP FAMILY sales.
The 2nd layout is from last year, when my middle daughter Sold over 1000 packs of candy and her name was drawn to WIN the Gold Pass for Silverwood (a theme park)!
The 3rd layout is when her club had their end of the year party in 2011. 

Now, I am SAVING the last layout where it talks about MY HERO because I have some photos of my husband pulling a lady out of a creek when her car went off the road. I am a camara stalker, but those photos were taken by the news station!

*I hope you can see yourself using these papers for their VERSATILITY! 
Listed below are the items you can order from my website to make these pages or something similar! If you want to use my cutting guides, please send me an email:

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Here are a couple of REALLY cute cards made by other Close To My Heart consultants.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 17th to May 20th was our Pend Orielle Bible Camp Stamp and Scrapbook weekend! We had a ton of fun hanging out together and I think most everyone got a lot accomplished!

We also had some unexpected visitors. Here are some brand new babies that we found in the piano! Can you guess what these new babies are?

Here is a picture of the proud mama!

Monday, May 14, 2012

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today I am going to share with you something really AWESOME about my TOTALLY AMAZING kids!

I have 3 daugthers, they are Sandrina 9, Sadira 11, and Savannah 13. The 2 younger girls are in Camp Fire. I am the leader for the my youngest daughters club. I will more than likely be taking on the the leader position again for my middle daughter's club for 6th grade.

My 11 year old, Sadira is a TOTAL goal setter and is VERY motivated by REALLY  COOL incentives. Last year for our Camp Fire candy selling season, her goal was to sell over 1000 individual packs of Camp Fire candy. Her movitvating factor was the simple fact that she wanted her name added to the plaque for achieving over 1000 packs. She wanted her name on the plaque for life! Well with lots of hard work she was able to achieve that goal. Well, this year she made a plan to even beat that! So what was her goal this year? She wanted to sell 1500 packs of candy. Well, by doing this she would again earn her name on the over 1000 plaque but by selling 1500 packs she would EARN a FREE laptop. Well, knowing that we worked very hard last year, but also that there were plenty of days that we did not sell candy, she made a plan to achieve her goal. Well guess what?

SHE DID IT!!!! We brought home her new laptop yesterday. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the awards ceremony. So after school we went and picked up her laptop. Here is a picture of her and all her awards.

 Here is the laptop that she earned and I am pleasantly surprised that Office 2010 was also included!

 Here is Sadira holding the plaque for the TOP SELLER for the Year of all age brackets! We are SOOOO PROUD of her!

Here she is with her younger sister, Sandrina. They also do an award for all families with their sales combined. All families collectively selling over 1000 gets a plaque with their achievement on it. Together they sold 1620 packs of Campfire candy!

We all worked very hard this year and they also earned over $1500 in camp credit. So Sadira will be going to Camp Sweyo for 11 nights, also a 7 night and then Sandrina who is not used to being away from home that long, will go for 4 nights. 

Candy Selling is 3 weeks of a lot of hard work. However, my girls KNOW that if they set their mind to a specific goal that they can achieve their DREAMS!  To me, this is PRICELESS!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Starting today, I am going to start showcasing some of my photography on this blog as well. When I started this blog, my intention was to show more than one side of myself to you. Thus how I came up with All Thing Shannon Smoldt for my blog address. I am sure that there are many things about me that you do not know.

I remember even as a child I really enjoyed taking pictures. I remember when my grandmother bought me my first camera so that I could take pictures at Camp Illahee which was where we went to camp every summer for Camp Fire. I earned my way to camp every year back then by selling campfire candy. That was back when kids could actually go door to door by themselves and feel safe. Summer camp was always a huge highlight of my youth.

I have a few of those photos that I took back then, but unfortunately the subject in my photo is so small. I am disappointed in the fact that the photo does not show what I remember in my mind. Well, fortunately today with today's technology that is not a problem.

I remember when I bought my own camara when I was in high school. I wanted to get some REALLY nice pictures of my friends who were graduating. I was a sophomore. I remember it was a really awesome Kodak and I am sure I spent a couple hundred dollars of my own money. That camera was so nice, that it lasted through college, which I have some fun pictures capturing some really great memories there. Also, it made it through for my honeymoon and on to our next vacation where my husband somehow let our bag fall into the swimming pool at the Moon Palace in Cancun. Now that stinks! Because here we are on an AMAZING vacation and now I have no camera! Thankfully we went with some friends and I was able to get a copy of their photos, but its not quite the same.

Anyway, I love taking GREAT photos and I LOVE to scrapbook so they really do go hand in hand. So obviously those are 2 of my Favorite things!

 Now today, you have learned a little bit about me. Maybe even more than you wanted to know. In a few days, I will give you a glimpse into something else that is important in my life. But for now I am on to showcase some AWESOME photos!

This is my favorite Engagement photo that I took of Roy and Jessicas Engagement Shoot.

These are some favorites of Tommy's Senior Pictures!

We also used this day as an opportunity to do some family photos.

I have plenty more photos to showcase. Check back soon to see more photos!
Can't wait? I do have another blog you can look at as well. I will be uploading more photos there. 

Also, I do have a website where I will post your photo shoot so you can pick your favorites. I do have an AWESOME  2 Full days of shooting Senior Photos for my best friends daughter who flew over from the coast. I took her to several different locations and by checking out her photos you can see all the cool different types of backgrounds we were able to capture in different areas in Spokane. When you go to this website to view her photos her name is Sydney Ward. 
Here is that link:

Contact me for more info! 

I specialize in:

*Fun with Kids!
*Senior Portraits
*Engagement Photos
*Family Photos
*6th/8th Grade Promotion Photos

I am also wanting to start taking on Birthday Parties! 
Moms are so rarely in the photos and they are managing the party and so often many memories have been missed! Let me do it for you! 

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