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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today I am going to share with you something really AWESOME about my TOTALLY AMAZING kids!

I have 3 daugthers, they are Sandrina 9, Sadira 11, and Savannah 13. The 2 younger girls are in Camp Fire. I am the leader for the my youngest daughters club. I will more than likely be taking on the the leader position again for my middle daughter's club for 6th grade.

My 11 year old, Sadira is a TOTAL goal setter and is VERY motivated by REALLY  COOL incentives. Last year for our Camp Fire candy selling season, her goal was to sell over 1000 individual packs of Camp Fire candy. Her movitvating factor was the simple fact that she wanted her name added to the plaque for achieving over 1000 packs. She wanted her name on the plaque for life! Well with lots of hard work she was able to achieve that goal. Well, this year she made a plan to even beat that! So what was her goal this year? She wanted to sell 1500 packs of candy. Well, by doing this she would again earn her name on the over 1000 plaque but by selling 1500 packs she would EARN a FREE laptop. Well, knowing that we worked very hard last year, but also that there were plenty of days that we did not sell candy, she made a plan to achieve her goal. Well guess what?

SHE DID IT!!!! We brought home her new laptop yesterday. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the awards ceremony. So after school we went and picked up her laptop. Here is a picture of her and all her awards.

 Here is the laptop that she earned and I am pleasantly surprised that Office 2010 was also included!

 Here is Sadira holding the plaque for the TOP SELLER for the Year of all age brackets! We are SOOOO PROUD of her!

Here she is with her younger sister, Sandrina. They also do an award for all families with their sales combined. All families collectively selling over 1000 gets a plaque with their achievement on it. Together they sold 1620 packs of Campfire candy!

We all worked very hard this year and they also earned over $1500 in camp credit. So Sadira will be going to Camp Sweyo for 11 nights, also a 7 night and then Sandrina who is not used to being away from home that long, will go for 4 nights. 

Candy Selling is 3 weeks of a lot of hard work. However, my girls KNOW that if they set their mind to a specific goal that they can achieve their DREAMS!  To me, this is PRICELESS!!!